Cheers House Blend

Cheers House Blend

from 16.00

Notes: Honey, Hazelnut & Lemon

Like Every great story, Leap Coffee began with a moment.  That Moment for Leap Coffee Founder, JJ Cutbirth,  was at the age of 15 when he enjoyed a cappuccino and was overcome with liquid joy.

“I just love turning people on to delicious, fresh roasted coffee.”  - JJ Cutbirth

When trying to go about finding a house blend, JJ sought coffees that would work to deliver balance, body and a complex sweetness. Cheers House Blend is undeniably inviting with its balance of acidity and sweet honey hazelnut aroma. In the Manner fitting of the man that started it all, let us Cheers to our morning routine with a good cup of coffee in hand.

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Note: Retail orders are roasted to order Monday and Friday’s to gift the freshest coffee. All orders received on Monday by 12pm will be roasted and out for delivery by Thursday.