Leap Coffee : Our Process & Our Promise

Leap's Origins

We are a specialty coffee micro-roaster based in San Diego County, California. Leap was founded in 2016 by Brandy and James Cutbirth, as a "leap of faith" venture born from a shared love of coffee and community.

Essentially, Leap Coffee is all about the basics:
just a really great cup of coffee, prepared with great care, enjoyed by great people.

Our Mission

We believe that every cup of coffee is an experience. We are fascinated by the journey from farm to cup, and eagerly share those stories with those who drink our coffee. Every aspect of our roasting process is completely intentional, from the flavor notes we put on the bags to the brewing ratios we use to make their best qualities shine. And we aim to keep our options approachable for all: nothing added or overcomplicated, to let the coffee shine and excite the palate, whether served in one of our Cafes or brewed at home.

We thrive on intentional conversations, and we seek to create a space that encourages community. Our guests are like our second family, and we are thrilled to share in their stories and take part in life's special moments along the way.

Always Fresh, Always Local
Coffee First, Then Leap