ETHIOPIA - Tega & Tula - Organic Limu

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ROAST LEVEL: Light-Medium

FLAVOR NOTES: Cocoa, Lemon, Strawberries, Sweet



This very special coffee comes to us from the Tega & Tula Specialty Coffee Farm in the Kaffa region of western Ethiopia. Legendarily, this area is considered the birthplace of Arabica coffee, and in more recent years it has become known for its particularly disease-resistant coffee plant varietals. Tega & Tula, founded in 2000 by Ahadu Woubhset, has nearly 400 hectares of coffee-growing area and is certified organic, producing both washed and natural coffees with unique flavor profiles. Cafe Imports has worked closely with this farm for almost 15 years, and this strong relationship guarantees a high degree of traceability for the lots they supply (directly down to the subplot and producer). This coffee is full of beautiful flavor and tells an incredible story, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

For more information about this amazing coffee, please read its full bio found at Cafe Imports.