THE WEDDING BLEND - Special Release

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FLAVOR NOTES: Pink Grapefruit, Citra Hops, Orange Blossom Honey, Velvety


When your Head Roaster has also spent the last year planning her wedding, of course you make a special coffee to celebrate. Introducing The Wedding Blend (also fondly nicknamed "Summer Lovin'") : created by our Roaster Brea in honor of her wedding day this June. This bright, summery cup combines two of her favorite coffees -- a natural-processed Ethiopia Ayehu and our washed Mexico Muxbal -- to create a blend that tastes a little bit like her soon-to-be husband's favorite beer. It's a little citrusy and a little hoppy, and we hope you get as excited about it as we are for this next chapter of her life.

This is a special release coffee, so it won't be on our menu forever -- give it a try while it's still here!