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Leap coffee


Like every great story...

Leap Coffee began with a moment. In this case, it began with a cappuccino held in the hand of James (JJ) Cutbirth at the young age of 15 in a Carmel, California cafe. It went like this. He sipped. He savored. He was overcome with liquid joy that would forever change JJ from just a normal kid to a coffee aficionado. That was the beginning of Leap Coffee, though he didn’t know it.

Leap forward many years and JJ is now enjoying a rewarding career as a medical real estate professional, husband and father of twin baby girls. His pursuit of all things culinary has expanded into cuisine, wine and coffee. An entrepreneurial spark nagged at him. He told himself he had to make a living and stay the corporate course, until his longing got the better of him. He realized life is short, finite, precious. He needed to follow his passion to craft artisanal coffee and give others the experience of joy in a coffee cup. And he had to tell his wife about his dream to open a coffee roastery and café that feels like home (gulp).

After his wife, Brandy, initially responded with something along the lines of “what have you been smoking?,” she in time realized he had a dream to pursue and joined him in his mission. Within a few years of immersion in the specialty coffee world, and after taking enough coffee-business, roasting science and barista courses, it was time to take THE leap.

Hence, Leap Coffee was born, with JJ as the artisan and coffee as the medium that he shares with all of you.



The Beans

By the time green coffee beans reach the roastery, they have endured quite a journey. Coffee growing is a magical process that must be carefully managed in order for the beans produced to reach their packed full potential by the time it reaches the roastery.
We continuously aquire the highest quality beans possible from carefully selected global growing regions through strong relationships with the growers and distributers. We at Leap have a passion for fine grade coffee, both in the form of single origin coffees with all of the flavor notes present in the given region as well as hand crafted blends produced to an intended balance of high, middle and low notes.


Roasting coffee is much like the crafting of a fine wine. Our high grade beans come to us pact full of potential from our distributors. It is then up to our roasting team to extract the full spectrum of complex flavors and subtle notes indicative of the coffees region of origin. We are also very sensitive to the growing seasons of each of the coffees we roast. Coffee beans are a fruit, after all. Much like a grape grown to perfection, coffee must be harvested and then roasted at the peak of ripeness to insure the optimum flavor expression.